Intensive training Dealing with difficult, conflicting situations

Contents of the training day

This training day offers the opportunity to practice various difficult communication situations from the daily work of the participants in simulations. Each participant has the opportunity to practice challenging communication situations and receive helpful feedback from the trainers. In addition, emerging questions are supplemented with tailor-made communication tools, allowing participants to expand their own repertoire of action.

Objectives of the seminar

Practice of various difficult situations from one’s own working environment, such as:

  • Clarifying conversations
  • Critical reviews
  • Conflict reviews
  • Method

    Exercise through agile conversation simulations
    Use of helpful tools
    Reflection of one's own abilities and role
    Inputs of models and theories as needed


    A maximum of 6 employees / executives with a solid foundation of communication models, such as Active listening and I messages.


    Iris Memminger
    Monika Diepold

    Duration, location, registration

    The one-day training takes place from 9h to 18h

    Venue: Authentica in Altperlach, Neubibergerstraße 15, 81737 München

    Next dates:
    February, 7th, 2020 (in German);
    February 6th, 2020 (in English);

    Your investment: 490 euros including coffee and drinks; excl. VAT and lunch

    Registration: E-Mail to

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