Individual Supervision

You need support to convert your career plan into action; to "look yourself over your shoulder" and get to the bottom of things and/or better understand conflicts and other complex situations in your daily routine to get more options for action? Supervision helps you to intensify the reflection of your professional activity. I support will enhance your strength and development.

Group Supervison

Your working environment undergoes changes and you are facing multiple, new requirements, which demand immediate actions by today's manager - therefore collegial consultation is an immediately applicable instrument for mutual professional advice with great effect, which is confirmed by many users. To implement this instrument successfully, we recommend a structured introduction by a trained supervisor. Let me help you to discover the great benefits and the big scope of collegial consultation.

Team Supervison

Your team exists already for some time. The team is facing changes, which make it difficult to get all the work done. Supervison can help you and your team to find a way to cope with these difficulties:
Changes in a team
clarifying the roles
understanding group dynamics
conflicts and concrete problems
improvement of cooperation

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